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Your Website from £50 / month

A company´s website is its most important showcase. It´s the first contact with its customers and it´s its best trade representative, so it must be designed carefully.
In Lighthouse29 we have centered our efforts to provide a excellent service at the best price, because every company, small, medium or large, should have a website, regardless its budget.

Unique Websites

Unlike most of "low cost web design companies", in Lighthouse29 we don´t use templates to create our clients´websites. We create them from zero. This way, every client has its own and UNIQUE website.


Responsive Design

In 2018, 70% of people surf the web by their smartphones, and this percentage is growing every day.
This is why a website MUST have a Responsive Design, which adapt its content to the smartphone screen dimensions, making it easier to be readed by the visitors.



It´s pointless to have a brand new website, attractive, responsive, etc, if you don´t reach your public.
How do you reach your public? with SEO or/and SEM.

It´s not a secret that Google has the power, and our mission is use it to raise your website to the top places in the searches.

- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the FREE way to get the firsts positions, but it takes time, a long time.
- SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the PAID way to get the firsts positions, it´s fast but you need to pay to Google for it.
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